The Netflix of Games

Good example of a simple and easy UI

Gaming has long had a problem when it comes to purchasing singular experiences. When comparing the industry to something like movies and netflix you can see there is a lot more investment in gaming than compared to other forms of media. Perhaps that is why the free to play mobile market has become so popular as you already have a phone and thus you don’t need to buy specialised or upgraded equipment and you don’t have to spend money on the actual game until you are hooked to the experience.

It’s this reason that the holy grail of the ‘Netflix of gaming’ has been so sought after over the years. Some thought it would be Google Stadia but that is looking more and more like a bad deal and plenty of other game companies have attempted this format. The closest that I consider to be to this concept is the Xbox Game Pass as it not only works on both the console and PC but it offers plenty of games for a monthly fee. All of this is the reason I still use the Xbox Game Pass and pay for it despite only dipping into the library every so often. I adore the idea of a library of games for a monthly fee and if only developers and publishers could get along and place everything within a singular platform then maybe we could end up getting somewhere with the concept.

For PC gaming (my personal preference) the only way I could see this being done properly is if Steam ended up implementing this into it’s digital storefront as it easily has the largest catalogue. Whether this would actually happen is very unlikely but it would end up giving it the edge it needs over the Epic Game Store that it really needs in the face of all these exclusives and it would certainly bring back a lot of good will from the community. In the end however all of this is just my impressions of a very good concept for the gaming industry but I’m more interested in what you all think about the idea. Is a ‘Netflix for Games’ a good idea and how do you think we could realistically go about making this a thing? Share your thoughts and opinions with everyone in the comment section!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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