The Modded Story

What a fancy looking title!

When you see the dedication that some fandoms have to certain game series you have to be amazed at the stuff they can producve. I recently started watching a series online that followed a Fallout: New Vegas mod called Autumn Leaves. The mod centers around a dialogue based quest inside of a library vault and is one of the highest rated mods for the game. One thing however that is saddening is the fact that despite the quality and dedication the mod creator put into this project the company making the game will never accept it as a part of their game.

Lore in gaming worlds is a sacred thing. People argue day and night over fictional events and characters based simply on what is told to them by the creators of these games. However when talented storytellers come along like with this example no matter how well crafted the experience and story is it won’t ever become an official part of this gaming world. Another example I can think of from the top of my head for the Fallout series is The Storyteller, a lore based web series that stars a custom made character wandering the wastes and telling stories from the lore. The execution of this series is remarkable and yet despite all the hours and work put into it Bethesda won’t make it a part of their game’s lore… or would they?

That’s what I want to pose to you all. Do you believe that if a mod or fan made addition to a game is good enough and the community like it enough that the developers should accept it as actual lore for their games? I’m interested to hear what you all think about this! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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