The Memory Game

Infection time!

Memories being associated with video games aren’t a new concept. Back when gaming was first introduced to the world you could find people attaching their childhood moments to certain games and now people can be nostalgic for pretty much anything you can imagine.

Those of you that follow my work then can imagine the amount of happiness and nostalgia that I feel when I now play Halo 3 on my PC for the first time. My memories of this game are what make it my favourite of all time and I am fully aware that I won’t feel this way again even while playing it online as it’s a very specific thing that keeps me so emotionally attached to this game. Still, I can enjoy it for what it is and I believe that no matter the game you attach to your own childhood memories you should be able to enjoy it regardless of what others think of it.

Being released on modern platforms can make some games seem stale or that they belong in the past and that can be a valid point espcially if nostalgia is the only thing keeping the game afloat in your critical memory. Halo 3 is definitely only being kept up there fully by my wonderful nostalgic thoughts and I am very aware of the critical reception the game has when compared to other similar first person shooters. However, it’s my game, it’s my memories, and nothing is going to take that away. So I’ll keep playing and reliving happier days, and you should do so too, you deserve some time in your happy place.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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