The Infection

Hey it’s our favourite zombie freaks!

Sci-Fi games have the potential to explore concepts about things in such large scales that we couldn’t possibly hope to comprehend in our normal lives. AI, interstellar travel, and the topic in particular I would like to discuss today Alien Infestations.

Gaming, especially in the sci-fi world, has always been obsessed with the idea of super powerful infestations. They particularly love the idea of mashing them together with zombies or religion in order to make an interesting mix of a terrible disease based organism and some kind of perfection-driven life. The Flood from Halo, The Infested from Warframe and loads of other examples help to make this terrifying notion an interesting one to discuss.

Personally I absolutely adore the concept and whenever I get the chance to interact or even play something with a similar idea to this I do whatever I can as exploring the idea of a space based supervirus makes for compelling gameplay and interesting story elements. What I wanted to ask however is what do you all think of this trope? Do you find it overdone or do you find it just as fascinating as I do? Share your thoughts with us all! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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