The Good Man

Who’s a good robot! You are!

I’ve touched upon this issue before in games but playing a good person can be a jarring issue depending on the context of the game you are playing. Sure many single player experiences (mainly RPG’s) will have you playing the hero however when you take yourself into other genres you find yourself intrigued by more nefarious characters which is where I find my conflict.

I love playing good characters, specifically those who I would choose to be my friend if I knew them in real life. As a result of this in games like Overwatch I enjoy playing Reinhardt and recently to a greater extent the lovely robot Bastion. However that’s applying a type of role playing game-sense into a competitive shooter where changing characters is just as important. Sure you can play as the good guy, but maybe an evil character would be the better choice for the match you are taking part in. Thus a conundrum comes up, do you play to win the game and help your teammates but risk your morales or do you stick to your guns and pick characters who you would deem to be good? Or alternatively is this all looking too deep into simply picking a fun character? I suppose that’s up to you all to figure out for yourselves.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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