The Final Fantasy Change

Damn Cloud, still can’t crack a smile can you?


With the recent release of the newest Square Enix game bringing us a return to possibly the biggest game in the entire franchise, Final Fantasy 7, the game has been making waves for being a fun shake-up of the original’s mechanics and gameplay styles. However what has got most people talking is actually the fact that not only does the game make significant changes to the story by adding entirely new characters and quests but that it also has a huge impact on the lore itself.

For those that don’t know, and don’t mind being spoiled, essentially the ending to this game has you destroying what can only be described as an extremely meta reference to the idea of destiny within the world of Final Fantasy 7. What this means is that once you do so, the game going forward will no longer adhere to the original Final Fantasy 7 story but will instead tell a completely new story as due to this being only episode 1 of a several episode series the next entry’s story will be different. This is a massive change that has garnered a mixed response from fans as this is no longer the touched up and stylish remake of their favourite game that they were expecting but is instead more akin to a parallel world story featuring the original characters of the game.

Now personally I actually quite like this idea, especially considering how well hidden Square Enix kept this twist from the public right up until the launch of the game. I like it mainly because it allows both the original Final Fantasy 7 and this new remake (which is a clever play on naming I might add knowing the context) to stand on their own and be seperate products rather than this game simply overshadowing and making the original game entirely worthless. It may be a tad convoluted now sure but it’s a bold move and with how many ways this could take the story now and make people really think as to what will happen next in the upcoming episodes rather than just knowing inherently what will happen due to the events being the same as the original game is an excellent idea. However I totally understand why some people might be frustrated about this and could see this as making the game worse for themselves.

What I’m most interested in however is what you all think of this, my loyal readers. Do you like this change in story and if so what do you like or do you wish it was just a standard 1 to 1 remake? Comment below here and let’s have a discussion about this! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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