Reviewing Before The End

Adventuring… Adventuring…

As a game reviewer it can be tough to know when exactly is the point at which I can definitively say that I know enough about the game to start reviewing it. As you have probably noticed if you have kept up to date with my site I stated that I intended to finish Octopath Traveller 2 before finishing off Atomic Heart and do my reviews on them in that order. Well funnily enough turns out that Atomic Heart was rather short, so I was able to get through it quickly and get a review out in a swift amount of time. Octopath Traveller 2 on the other hand is… a different beast altogether.

I have almost reached the end of the game, and thus my review of it will come fairly soon, however it was abundantly clear that I felt pretty much everything I needed to say about the game by the halfway mark. As such I wonder to myself if I should have just written the review then so that it can be out in a more timely and relevant manner. Then again as in the case of Atomic Heart the ending to that game was so important for my overall views and feelings on the game that if I had just reviewed it halfway it would have made for a very different review altogether. It’s a difficult struggle and while in most instances I actively choose to finish games first before I review them I can understand many who just want the purchase advice in a decent amount of time, so it’s a tricky one. Regardless for the moment I will stick to finishing the games first, but that may slightly change the next time a huge JRPG comes around!

What are your feelings on this matter? Do you feel reviewers should finish the game fully before reviewing it or should they review once they have their opinions on the game made? Let us all know in the comment section below! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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