Post Power

Ahh yes, Culex, a classic example!

Usually when we beat a video game we can tell ourselves that the story is over and we can finally put down the controller and go outside again, or that is usually the case. In certain games (usually RPG’s of some kind) you can also face what many refer to as ‘Superbosses’, huge imposing ultimate challenges that either have huge relevance to the lore but not to the main story or are simply completely unrelated.

Bosses like Culex from Super Mario RPG or Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts these are prime examples of post-game superbosses that pose a great challenge and a memorable experience to those who want a little bit more to do after the story ends. I personally experienced this recently with the completion of Octopath Traveller and let me tell you for those who are still on their journeys in that game be prepared for the destruction that will be coming your way!

I’m curious though, which superbosses (or secret post-game bosses) in gaming are your favourites? Be sure to let us know by typing a comment down below! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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