My Game of 2019

Well, what else could it be

Lisa: The Painful. You all wondered what my favourite game I played this year was and here it is. Now I know what you’re all thinking, this game released back in 2014 so it shouldn’t count! To those thinking this I say that 1. I only got around to playing the game this year and 2. Shut up.

Lisa reminded me a lot of when I first played Undertale. The simple graphics, the incredibly storyline and the memorable characters but I would classify it more as Undertale for a more mature audience. The game is painful to play and painful to relive but by god is it one of the most memorable games I have ever played in my life. From the unique art style to the brutal themes it tackles I seriously believe it’s something that everyone with the stomach for it should experience once in their life. Plus it’s also incredibly funny and mixes together shock value and my favourite kind of dark humour to great effect. Are there more polished and better looking games? Absolutely. However Lisa has stood out for me for creating a magnificent world that I would not hesitate to recommend to everyone looking for a great narrative gaming experience.

And with that 2019 is at a close. Happy new year everyone, let’s hope 2020 is even better. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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