My Favourite Games I Played in 2021

Let the mushroom dictate!

So with another year done and dusted it’s fair to say that it has been a mixed bag of a year. We still aren’t out of the woods with regards to the pandemic quite yet and even still there is more hope than ever in the hearts and minds of the gaming public as we roll into 2022. So with that I wanted to tell you about the games I played this year and the ones I enjoyed most. Keep in mind these may not exactly be games that came out in 2021 but it will mostly consist of that, so onwards we go!

Bug Fables

I am so glad I decided to install the Xbox Game Pass as if I hadn’t I would have missed out on a great amount of games that I didn’t quite want to pay money for at the time but was interested in. Bug Fables was an absolute blast and as a big RPG fan I couldn’t recommend it enough to fans of the genre. Also it has cute bugs, what’s not to love!?

Loop Hero

I enjoy roguelikes, especially when they involve my favourite type of RPG class, Necromancers! Loop Hero was a surprise hit that I really enjoyed as it blended together a good mix of Idle game tropes while still being an engaging experience that kept me on edge. Still haven’t beaten it yet but one day I’ll be sure to put that lich down for good… one day…


I’ve been looking to scratch the itch that Undertale left behind a while back and while the second chapter of Deltarune definitely helped to do exactly that I didn’t feel it was fair to include it here until it was a fully released product, regardless of how fantastic it was. Lucky for me then that I decided to check out Everhood and enjoy a brand new world of weird, erratic and wonderful characters. The music was on point, the boss fights were suitably challenging and the visuals were an absolute treat to behold. Definitely one of the most unique experiences I had this year.


This is a bit of a unique case for me as I am a huge card game fan so Inscryption was easily a day one purchase. A horror-themed card game that was made by the same creators as Pony Island? Of course this was going on my favourite games of the year! Combine the incredible atmosphere, great story and the recently released roguelike mode to help give the game more of a shelf life and you have yourself a combination for an amazing game. The physical card game cannot come soon enough…

Psychonauts 2

While I enjoyed every game on this list and would recommend anyone to play them if I absolutely had to choose my favourite game of the year it would most likely be Psychonauts 2. While I am a latecomer to the series having only recently played the original game just before the release of the sequel it was an experience I will absolutely never forget. It manages to tell a heartwarming and surprisingly dark story while also providing some of the most beautiful, colourful and unique aesthetics to any game AND being a really fun puzzle-platformer to boot! Truly if you are a fan of gaming then Psychonauts 2 is something you absolutely must check out and I am so happy I decided to take the drop and check out this strange but wonderful game.

So that’s the list! What were your favourite games you played this year? Let us all know in the comments! That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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