Multiplayer Burnout

I wish I had that comfy of a chair…

Having a bit of spare time yesterday with no work meant I had plenty of gaming time throughout the day, of course I spent most of this playing multiplayer. Interestingly after enough of a time I simply could not bring myself to play any more and in fact didn’t want to play games at all, this was Multiplayer Burnout.

It takes different forms but usually it takes place when you play for long periods of time without a clear defined goal. You simply play your matches, rank up, and eventually get bored of doing so. It’s the unfortunate trait of playing a game that has you repeat the same actions over and over in multiplayer environments, you eventually get sick of it. It’s a strange thing as the idea of spending all day playing video games sounds great in theory but instead just leads you to eventually not want to play anymore. My main suggestions to avoid this pitfall is to take regular breaks, eat plenty during those breaks and do some other activities/switch games just to the monotony doesn’t catch up to you. Don’t make the same mistake I made yesterday.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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