How Brutal…

I swear this is more grotesque than it looks

The Steam Summer Sale allowed me to take a look at various games that I was simply waiting for a discount for and conveniently one of these was Brutal Orchestra. It’s a very unique game and the best way I found to describe it is as a turn-based rogue-like that sees you travelling through purgatory with a cast of strange and interesting characters to find the man that murdered you and take some sweet revenge.

It’s an odd game both from the gameplay and the visuals but it was a great time! The combat system works like most turn-based RPG’s with each party member getting a turn and doing attacks however it also works on a grid-based system meaning you have to dodge and strategically work around enemy attacks alongside having a resource system for different types of attacks that actually punishes you for overstocking on your resources! Combine that with some memorable characters and at times really funny dialogue and I can definitely recommend it to people who enjoy these types of games. Do keep in mind though it can become brutally difficult as I lost many runs due to RNG just screwing me over. Ahh well, that’s just video game life I suppose!

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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