At least it has a controller!

VR is still in a very niche state right now mainly due to the price point as well as the difficulty of having a machine strong enough to actually run the software at a stable framerate. It’s no surprise then that the popularity of phone-based VR headsets has increased especially with good enough offerings that it gives you a real taste of what is possible in VR.

Recently my girlfriend bought a new phone and with it a Samsung VR headset which mainly acts as a big accessory for the device. After trying it myself however I have to say I was impressed by what was essentially just a massive hunk of plastic that you stick your phone into. The depth was decent and which of course there was no depth tracking it still made certain experiences a fun venture from normal phone activities.

Of course this mobile version isn’t going to stand up to a proper headset but for a budget user this may very well be a nice choice. At some point in the near future I may very well get a proper VR headset so get ready for a brand new world for me to talk about once I get the tech. That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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