A Connected World

Now that’s a pretty cool setup

We have all started to take for granted how interconnected all of our technology truly is. I started to realise this today as I was transferring files to my new phone after living with a fairly old model for a long time. It turns out old phones really don’t like you scrounging around in their file guts and taking files directly from them. It also made me think of gaming and just how connected it all is now.

I’m someone who never really got into the idea of backing up save files for games and yet I just found out from my research today that it’s possible on modern day consoles to keep your save files on the cloud for a fee so that you don’t lose your progress. It’s an alien idea to me but it shows that even if you then moved consoles all you need to do is sign into your profile and your save file is just one quick download away. In the future who knows, maybe we will have the ability to interconnect with all console and PC users, having one massive technology hub to interact with others, save content and even access files. I can imagine a future like that, one where we all connected together, would be a bright one for sure.

That’s all for now, and as always. It’s not just a game, It’s a Life.

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